Pay as you go​
  • Economy pack​
  • Pay per patient visit / invoice​
  • No frills​
  • All modules for seamless clinic mgmt​
  • Compliant with UAE government regulations​
Pay Per User​
  • Basic / Pro / Enterprise​​
  • Pay per user​​
  • 20% savings on annual subscriptions​
  • All modules for seamless clinic mgmt​​
  • Key features to improve operational efficiency​​
  • Buy add-on modules for expansive coverage.
  • eClaims / Labs / Radiology​ Compliant with UAE government regulations
On Prem App Suite​
  • Software installation on your own infrastructure​​
  • Initial license payment​​​
  • Subsequent AMC payments every year​​
  • All modules for seamless clinic mgmt​​
  • Compliant with UAE government regulations​​

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